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Manhattan Diary: Fitness, Reader’s Digest and McGarryBowen

October 1st, 2014

by Jillian Pekel For the September edition of portfolio meetings, it was back to Manhattan! Sean, Stacy and I had an early morning departure and after a very quick drive across New Jersey, we were through the tunnel and ready to meet with the women at Fitness Magazine. We forgot that the office was a mere three blocks from the UN headquarters/meetings. Needless to say, traffic was …

365 days at Bismarck Lake

September 30th, 2014

by Delaney Dobson Last Spring, Arizona Highways Magazine approached photographer John Burcham and pitched a pretty unique idea. The magazine wanted John to return to a specific landscape many times over the course of one year to see what type of change would occur during that time. Eager to try something new, John agreed and began scouting for a proper location. After looking at a few …

Tears: Stanislav Solntsev / Ostin

September 30th, 2014

Tears: Sabrina Helas/FamilyFun Magazine

September 29th, 2014

Print Mailer: Welcome Back

September 26th, 2014

by Liz Ream After the whimsical and vacation-filled summer months, it can be difficult to get back into the normal swing of things. For our September print mailer, we chose the below image from Moscow-based photographer Frank Herfort, sent out to 2,898 creatives as a little Welcome Back from summer. I caught up with Frank to get a bit of background on the image: The …

Escaping Reality — Just for a Few Minutes

September 25th, 2014

by Jillian Pekel Don’t lie, you’d love to take off on a beautiful beach getaway in the middle of your workday. It’s okay, Natasha Lee understands. And if you were on the receiving end of one of her new promotions, that’s pretty much what you were in store for. Natasha started sketching and planning her promo idea in May and is excited to share the final product. …

Tears: Joshua Pestka / Schön Magazine

September 25th, 2014

Capturing the Wildcats’ Spirit

September 24th, 2014

by Jillian Pekel As the resident “Michigan girl” here at WM, I can tell you that northern Michigan is definitely a beautiful place to enjoy an outdoor activity, explore nature or just relax. That might be why so many people jump at the chance to attend school in the famed “UP.” With six colleges on the peninsula and a combined enrollment of over 23,000 students last year (not …

Above & Beyond with Land Rover

September 23rd, 2014

by Liz Ream Dom Romney has perfected the art of “illustrating the automobile and the incredible love affair we as a society have with them.” He has traveled to every continent doing so, with his most recent endeavor being to Iceland to shoot Land Rover’s global launch campaign for the new Discovery Sport. Because Land Rover vehicles are incredibly capable and made for unpredictable terrain, …

David Carlier Travels the NH1

September 22nd, 2014

by Liz Ream Recently, Switzerland-based adventure photographer David Carlier took a roadtrip that was far from ordinary. Then again, the NH1 is no ordinary road. This road follows the Pakistani border and is dangerous for multiple reasons, the first being that it’s the oldest conflict region registered by the UN, opposing Indian, Pakistani and China. Secondly, the road section can lead to a very unpredictable …

Weekend Links 9/20/14

September 20th, 2014

Goldfish Surgery Camera Bling Surreal Landscapes Photogenic Feline Clever Cartooning Brilliant Miniatures Mug Shot Magic Pint-sized Paintings 

Tears: Mattia Balsamini/ GQ Italy

September 19th, 2014

Super Fans

September 18th, 2014

by Delaney Dobson For a long time, Daniel Bedell dreamed of shooting for one of his favorite magazines, ESPN The Magazine. This year, Daniel has been fortunate enough to shoot a number of projects for the magazine and several of them have been fan shoots, although the title “fan” seems insufficient. These people are more like FANATICS! He began an assignment featuring Baltimore Orioles fan, Romeo Santos, which …

Tears: Jared Leeds/ Whitehead Institute Annual Report

September 18th, 2014

Tears: Matt Stacey/ Men’s Health

September 15th, 2014

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