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Weekend Links 12/14/13

December 14th, 2013

Snowboarding bird. Cheese please. Vertical homeless tents. Christmas miracle. Remembering Mandela. The real Williams Sonoma guide. Musical tree. Show your Joe Boxer. Tutu Treatment. Wise words from kids. Documenting Dasani. Photographers Update: Winky Lewis featured on The Maine. Jonathan Thorpe interview with Tamron lenses. Jeremy Deputat has work nominated for a Grammy. David E. Jackson new work for The Guardian. Chris Hinkle signs with Getty …

Weekend Links 9/14/13

September 14th, 2013

Take a trip around the world. First stop: New York City, Fashion Week. Traveling’s rough. Naptime. Then off to London… in a Mini. China for Dinner? Ehhh maybe not. Chipotle instead? It’s really good for you. Use some fine French dinnerware… While doing some darkroom photo editing. Before heading home… to beautiful Philly. Photographers Update: John Burcham featured on F-stoppers. Steve Niedorf video on Medtronic …

Weekend Links 7/27/13

July 27th, 2013

Engagement movie posters. What’s it like to almost be eaten by a whale? This. Very untruly yours. Royal baby vs. North West. The worst portfolio. Engagement photobomb. Nazi leader/art school reject. Copywriter picks ridiculous winner for ridiculous contest. Hyphen looking for work. Hyperloop! The 90s button. Photographers update: John Kuczala interview on Photigy. Patrick Strattner interviewed on Hyde. Hollis Bennett featured on A Photo Editor’s …

Weekend Links 6/28/13

June 28th, 2013

Getty critics. Japanese advertising’s best kept secrets. Funny cat gifs. iPaint. Supermoon! FBI uses Portlandia sketch in training. My imaginary well dressed toddler. Cake wrecks. Surreal photographs. Photographers Update: Andy Wakeman featured in Comm Arts Fresh. Tarick Foteh talks with Profoto Blog. Patrick Strattner‘s Desert Daze.

Sunday Spotlight 4/14/13

April 14th, 2013


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