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Haiti From Our Photographer’s Eyes

January 27th, 2010

The day after the Haiti earthquakes, The New York Times asked Michael McElroy to shoot the reactions of Haitian residents in Little Haiti, a Miami neighborhood. One day later, with most flights cancelled to Port Au Prince, Michael managed to find a flight to the Dominican Republic, where he caught a ride with an ABC News crew across the border into Haiti. This is what …

Our Photographer Attended High School With Marilyn Manson

October 9th, 2009

Lincoln Barbour / Portland Home & Garden / Still Life / Food & Drink / Architecture Rachel Hulin has a nice interview with Lincoln on her popular photography blog. Read the post to see the grizzly bear skin rug wearing a fedora from Lebanon. In addition to what they discuss, Lincoln enjoys traveling, cooking, running, cycling and snowboarding with his wife, Lauren. View More …

Ever Seen Cheese On A Watermelon?

September 10th, 2009

Richard Darbonne / Seattle Lifestyle / Music / Travel / Corporate / Institutional Before settling in Seattle, taught english in Prague for several years. Traveled around Eastern Europe and printed black and white pictures in his bathroom darkroom. Prefers documentaries over dramas, non-fiction over fiction, and waffles over pancakes. Loves camping and his bike. View More Richard Darbonne Ricardo Cunha / Brazil Lifestyle / …

Bloggin’ about Beaches, Mouse Lovers, and Jocks

June 12th, 2009

Redinger-Libolt / Miami Fashion / Lifestyle / Beauty / Travel / Conceptual / Corporate In addition to a hyphenated last name, Scott and Cristina share two cameras, three languages (Spanish, German, and English) and a mortgage. Ask them about their collaborations with Hilton Hotels, Conde Nast, and Wholefoods. Moved to Miami Beach in February. View More Redinger-Libolt John Kuczala / New York Still Life …

Indulge Yourself…Weekly

May 7th, 2009

Another sampling from our tearsheets page, updated weekly. We enjoy tearsheets because they show how well photography and design can play together. Roger Hagadone’s moody Eclipse book cover below is from the popular Twilight book series.

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