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Jesse Rieser

Weekend Links 3/8/13

March 8th, 2013

Stars who hang with dictators. How baby giraffes sleep. Live from North Korea! Vimeo’s ‘Looks’ lets you add filters over your videos. The Vatican commemorates the Pope with a Comic Sans photo album. Olympian becomes first woman to sign an exclusively male-modeling contract. Endearingly strange photos of a woman and her chicken. The daily dish. Cat map! Photographers Update: Joe McNally remembers the Iran hostage …

Sunday Spotlight: 12/23/12

December 23rd, 2012


Sunday Spotlight: 9/9/12

September 9th, 2012


The Wallow Fire

August 8th, 2012

by Maria Luci “I came across the fire by chance,” says Jesse, “driving west from Santa Fe, I saw it and I was mesmerized.” The fire that photographer Jesse Rieser is speaking of was The Wallow Fire, the biggest wildfire ever recorded in Arizona. The fire spread across Arizona and New Mexico, burning 841 square miles during the summer of 2011. It was in May …

Weekend Links 1/6/12

January 6th, 2012

Behind the scenes photos that kill the magic. Hitler can sell anything. Obama joins Instagram. Iconic photos stripped of their subjects. Sketching banned at photo exhibit. Student sneaks his work into the National Museum. Truth in logo design. Living with a lion. Facebook timeline used for anti-drug PSA. Release your inner creativity. Photographers Update: Drew Reynolds‘ year in pictures. Matthew D White visits Cameron Parish. …

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