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Giovanni Savino

Weekend Links 2/7/15

February 7th, 2015

Best Halftime Shows Ever. The Old Man Cut. Rainbow Room. More Mean Tweets. It’s Alright, ‘Cause I’m Saved by the Bell. Caught in an Avalanche. The Real Story Behind Monopoly. Oscar Loves Bubbles. Photographers Update Giovanni Savino interviewed by Lucky Compiler. Andrew Peacock Featured in F11 Magazine. Todd Douglas Shoots the 2015 Tweed Bike Ride in Mobile, Al. David Vaaknin for The Washington Post. Scott …

Eyes Wide Shut

August 5th, 2014

by Liz Ream  “In portraiture and life alike, our eyes play an important role in communicating our emotions and socially engaging with others. The eyes are the strongest focal point and emotional indicator when observing a face, to try to understand or define the person behind that face.” These are the words of Dominican-based photographer Giovanni Savino, who I think we would all agree with. …

Weekend Links 9/7/13

September 7th, 2013

Solar death ray. Spreadable beer. Liquid beer. Advanced picture books. Bill Nye, The Science Guy? Canine inspiration. No filter just Ray Ban. Cranberry sea. Photographer Updates: Jacob Slaton shoots for the New York Times. Justin Mott Instagram tips: Featured on Stuff. Greg Ceo featured on DailyCandy. Giovanni Savino article published on PetaPixel. Preston Mack directs his first commercial.

Sunday Spotlight: 5/12/13

May 12th, 2013


Weekend Links 1/11/13

January 11th, 2013

How the blind use Instagram. Hungry, hungry bears! Cute, cute cats! Taco Bell’s Facebook page thinks outside the bun. Calling all astronauts! National Geographic photo contest winners… …and the controversy behind one of the winning shots. Freezer-strations. Like father, like son; Kim Jong-un looking at things.  Moonwalking. Photographers Update: Jodi Jones‘ fashion photographer master classes. Kamil Tamiola speaks at the Dutch Mountains Film Festival. Giovanni …

Weekend Links 1/4/13

January 4th, 2013

Six ads that pissed people off in 2012. A short lesson in perspective. A different lesson on perspective… Wet plate paintball battles. Businesses cards of the future. Your first world problems solved! Skies without light. Ugly Renaissance babies. Back To The Future LEGOS. How birds learn to sing… featuring teeny-tiny headphones! Best identities of 2012. Photographers Update: Giovanni Savino‘s year in review. Vance Jacobs photographs …

After The Storm

November 12th, 2012

by Maria Luci At the end of October, after devastating large portions of the Caribbean, Hurricane Sandy furiously ripped her way up the East Coast of the United States. The storm affected 24 states, from Florida to Maine, with the biggest damage happening in New Jersey and New York. Over 100 people died from Sandy’s wrath and millions more were left without power. In New …

Weekend Links 8/17/12

August 17th, 2012

5th graders predict the future of the internet. “I invented the first computer.” Mountain Dew soda-naming contest crashed by pranksters. Criminalizing photography. Hipsters stunned as vintage cameras fail to make them professional photographers. Getty Images acquired for $3.3 billion… with a B. Shatner returns as Priceline Negotiator. Merriam-Webster adds words ‘Sexting’, ‘F-Bomb’, ‘Mash-Up.’ Seeking Mars on Earth. The rise of cat fashion modeling. Photographers update: …

Weekend Links 7/27/12

July 27th, 2012

The right way to enforce your trademark. An out of this world time lapse. Places you’ll never visit. 135 shots that will restore your faith in cinema. Cats imitate art. The story behind iconic movie posters. Still life, with hamsters. Never leave your camera unattended, and that includes in the ocean. Olympians of 1948. The art of in-game photography. Photographers Update: Giovanni Savino is an …

Sunday Spotlight: 06/10/12

June 10th, 2012


Weekend Links 01/20/12

January 20th, 2012

Street photos shot through puddles. 1911 predictions for 2011. Perfectly timed photographs. Lesson learned: always check the background! Defying gravity. China’s social media landscape. A little pop of color added to iconic photos. The heart of the matter: Love. 10 most scandalous muses in art history. Photographers Update: Zachary Bako‘s Infection images chosen for American Photography 27. Alicia Vera‘s “Stripped” featured on Flavorwire. Giovanni Savino …

Weekend Links 12/16/11

December 16th, 2011

And visions of sugar plums danced in their…glass. Best (or worst) Christmas decoration ever. I gave my kids a bad present. Analog Photoshop. Creepy hidden mother portraits. Photo taken 1 millisecond after detonation… Push up bras, not just for women anymore. Maybe one of these men could do the next push up ad? 84 years of Person of the Year. Photographer Updates: Stephanie Rau shoots …