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Weekend Links 10/18/14

Saturday October 18th, 2014

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Pumpkin Time Bomb!

DIY Graffiti.

177 Countries.

Tourist Cam.

Picture this. Photo by Ian & Erick.

Picture this. Photo by Ian & Erick.

The Holy Grail.

So much work.

Animal Love.

Shark Attack!

Fish are friends, not food. Photo by Christina Candel.

Fish are friends, not food. Photo by Christina Candel.


Portable Desk!


‘Cause we can’t carry that desk… Photo by Morgan Howarth.

A Beautiful Goodbye.

Constructive Criticism.

Photographers Update

Vance Jacobs was featured on a Full Time Photographer podcast, which includes a shoutout to Wonderful Machine!

 David Carlier was selected as Red Bull’s “Adventure Shot of the Week

Elisabeth Caren‘s work opened at the Sphinx Fine Art Gallery in London on October 15th!

Dan Prince recently launched his new campaign “Reflection“, check it out!

Wade Griffith was also featured on a Full Time Photographer podcast, with a shoutout to Wonderful Machine!

Photo Editing: A Winning Look for Jason Evans

Friday October 17th, 2014

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by Sean Stone

Rhode Island-based sports photographer Jason Evans recently worked with us on a BAM plan, after which he began diligently following our recommendations, including a web edit refresh. Jason has years of experience shooting major sports events (does it get more major than the Olympics?) and would like to grow his business in a more commercial direction.

At the beginning of the edit, Jason spoke about wanting to pursue more active lifestyle clients. I reviewed his excellent body of work with that in mind, but had reservations about working towards a lifestyle gallery. I spoke with other photo editors, producers and our CEO, Bill Cramer. They all confirmed what I suspected: his work was highly sophisticated, but didn’t really have the look and feel of a lifestyle shooter. I spoke with Jason about how we saw his work fitting into the commercial market. We all agreed that while there was a distinct demand for what he creates, he should continue marketing himself as a sports photographer and steer clear of calling himself a lifestyle shooter. After all, major sports brands do have a wide range of needs, and promoting active lifestyle is not the only way to get commercial sports work.

Jason's site before

Jason’s site before


Jason’s site before

With a direction resolved, I began editing Jason’s work, creating new categories and organization that best suited his most unique and commercially friendly images. Besides the sports images, Jason and I decided to continue showing some non-sports reportage and a gallery of his most polished portrait images. After a couple of rounds of revisions, Jason was very excited to implement the changes and push his new look to potential clients.

Jason's site after

Jason’s site after

Jason's site after

Jason’s site after

Jason's site after

Jason’s site after

For a complete before and after critique of Stephen’s site, please view my screencast below:

Jason Evan’s web edit.

Please visit our consulting page for more information about our photo editing services.


Tears: Daymon Gardner / Bon Appetit

Friday October 17th, 2014

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Screen Shot 2014-10-14 at 11.05.51 AM

A Flight With Michael Kelley

Thursday October 16th, 2014

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by Liz Ream

While Michael Kelley is primarily an architectural photographer, he also has an “unquenchable love for all things aviation.” In an attempt to quench this love, he has recently been working on a personal project photographing Southern California from the air, which ultimately led to an extremely unique and special editorial project. Michael was contacted by 805 Living, a magazine that covers various parts of Southern California (those with an 805 area code), to shoot it’s 10th anniversary issue called 805 From Above.

The magazine gave Michael a large amount of creative control, including 16 full pages in the magazine, which he was happy to take as it falls in line with his regular architectural work:

 I try to shoot at sunset and pretty much only sunset, and I’d already completed a lot of work, both architectural and aerial, at sunset, so when the call came through they already had a good idea of my style and pretty much just told me to do your thing. There is a lot of crossover between creating good architectural images and good aerial images – looking for graphic shapes and forms, using line and color to create emotion. So in the air it’s not all that different than shooting a house, really. I look for good light, good repetition, volume, motion and shape. It just happens a hell of a lot faster when you’re in the air.

The result is beautiful and comforting, including everything from beaches, to mountains to the local high school football field:


untitled-1 untitled-8


Michael had 2 shoot days, each with about a 90 minute window of good light, and they were shot down to the wire. He planned everything in advance with the helicopter company and the magazine editors to nail down the specific route and hit mapped out landmarks at exactly the right time. The 805 area code covers a large amount of coastline as well as some inland areas so there was very little margin for error.






Michael was thrilled with the result, especially because he was given a rare 8 full-page spreads in the magazine which makes the piece that much more impactful.


His favorite part? “As always, hanging out of a helicopter while doing 100 miles per hour over beaches and mountains with the door off and the wind blasting right next to you. It just never gets old.”

For more of Michael’s work, visit his website.

Tears: Jane Shauck / Marie Claire UK

Thursday October 16th, 2014

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