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Tears: Thomas Winter/ Thomson Reuters

Monday August 25th, 2014

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Sunday Spotlight 8/24/14

Sunday August 24th, 2014

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Weekend Links 8/23/14

Saturday August 23rd, 2014

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Pay the Mermaid.

Professional Phone Lenses.

This Art Bites.

Alistair Tutton

Wooden “Tooth” Table Alistair Tutton

Selling Artistic Abilities.

Bloody Brilliant.

Jell-O Wall.

Jell-O by Jessyel Ty Gonzalez

Jell-O by Jessyel Ty Gonzalez

Photographers Update:

One of Porter Gifford‘s images was selected in a Feature Shoot group show about Coney Island.

Kara Fox was awarded a partial scholarship to the Thomas Foundation’s summer media convergence course.

Austin Walsh took some time out of a busy production to film and submit his ALS Ice Bucket video. Austin has a close tie to ALS after losing his uncle, Keith Wilkerson to the disease in 2005. The lack of information about the disease is what drives Austin to donate to the ALS Association on a regular basis. For this challenge he added up the combined day rates for the entire production crew and is making a donation in that amount on behalf of his crew.

Outdoor Voices

Friday August 22nd, 2014

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by Delaney Dobson

In early 2013, a unique active wear line called Outdoor Voices emerged on the New York scene, bringing with it an urban, aesthetic style and an artistically designed marketing campaign.  The company’s unique marketing campaign (posting film photos to its blog) has caught the attention of both commercial and fine art photographers. One such photographer, Emily Hlavac Green, was put in touch with Outdoor Voices by a friend in New York and worked with the company on a laid-back but unique photo shoot:

The inspirational blog is full of gritty, artfully-shot film work which inspired me to collaborate and shoot something for them on film.




Minimal preparation was needed for the project, requiring only a small amount of scouting in Central Park to find some good vantage points. The only true challenge was shooting with film:

Film can be costly and risky- you might get two good shots off a roll, or a whole bunch. But I feel that the flaws and imperfections give a little spontaneity back to photography. I shot digital simultaneously just in case!

tumblr_na4h7wgScJ1tpnhedo4_500 tumblr_na4h7wgScJ1tpnhedo6_500

While the work was for a client, Emily approached it just as she would a personal project, bringing her own aesthetics to the shoot:

Personal work underpins everything I do and think about on a daily basis. Photography. Life. The two are intrinsically tied and so it just makes sense to shoot what I feel and what is around me. In this respect, I think applying personality to commercial work is also important.

tumblr_na4h7wgScJ1tpnhedo3_500 USAEHGScan259


The positive response to the images has inspired Emily to continue shooting with film, as well as think about future work with Outdoor Voices.

The Outdoor Voices crew has a great collection and aesthetic. I am always interested in revisiting collaborations and seeing what can come next. Perhaps something with an even softer approach – I’d love to shoot with Polaroid.

To view more of her work, visit Emily’s site.

Tears: Drew Anthony Smith / ESPN Magazine

Friday August 22nd, 2014

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For more information, visit Drew’s blog!


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