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Wonderful Machine provides clients with the most comprehensive source of high quality photographers doing all kinds of work, all over the world. We’re selective about the photographers we show, we list them only in locations where they actually live, and only in specialties in which they are highly proficient.

Our user interface makes it fast and easy to search by location and specialty. Feel free to browse through our site and contact photographers directly. When you do need help, we have 17 staff members ready to assist you. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, or need a hand producing a shoot, contact our producer Jess Dudley at 610.260.0200. If you’re looking for a stock photo, just send us a request through our Stock page and we’ll ask our photographers to reply to you directly with appropriate photos.

Get regular updates about our photographers’ work and whereabouts, and see other items of interest by subscribing to our blog. See our photographers’ latest published work on the Tears section of our site. And if you have any feedback you’d like to offer, please send it to our CEO, Bill Cramer.

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