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Pricing & Negotiating

Pricing & Negotiating: Industrial Lifestyle Shoot

April 1st, 2014

by Jess Dudley Shoot Concept: Capture the facilities, employees and process at multiple industrial manufacturing sites Licensing: North American collateral use of all images captured, in perpetuity Location: Manufacturing facility Shoot Days: Up to 20 Photographer: Lifestyle and portrait specialist Agency: Client direct Client: A well known industrial manufacturer within it’s industry One of our west coast-based photographers was approached by a fairly large industrial …

Pricing & Negotiating: Newspaper Contracts

February 14th, 2014

by Bill Cramer We’ve compiled a list of what different news organizations have paid freelance photographers, and we’re including copies of actual contracts when we have them. Keep in mind that this information reflects what those organizations have paid in the past, not necessarily what they currently pay, or what they’ll offer you. Please use this as background information only. Telling clients that you found …

Pricing & Negotiating: Book Cover for Politician’s Memoir

February 4th, 2014

by Craig Oppenheimer Shoot Concept: Seamless and environmental portraits of a prominent politician. Licensing: Use of up to two images on the front/back cover of a book with a print run of up to 200,000. Location:  A state capitol building in the Northeast. Shoot Days: 1 Photographer: Corporate and portraiture specialist Client: Large publishing company Here is the estimate: Concept/Licensing:             The publishing company was working …

Pricing & Negotiating: Publicity Licensing for TV Network

January 17th, 2014

By Craig Oppenheimer Concept: Licensing existing images of a television show cast to a TV network Licensing: Publicity use of five images for two years Photographer: Portrait specialist based in California Client: Prominent cable television network Here is the licensing agreement (click to enlarge): At the beginning of 2011, the photographer was commissioned by a regional magazine to capture individual seamless portraits and a group …

Pricing & Negotiating: Interiors for Residential Appliance Company

January 8th, 2014

by Jess Dudley Shoot Concept – Interior Architectural and Detail images of installed small residential appliances Licensing – US Advertising and Collateral Use of up to 24 images in perpetuity Location – Two residential properties Shoot Days – One Photographer – Lifestyle, Architectural and Home & Garden Specialist Agency – N/A Client – A small residential appliance company – a household name to those “in …

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