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Instagrams of the Week: Friday Phoneography

Friday November 1st, 2013

Happy November! Now that Halloween has passed, holiday season will be sure to overwhelm us soon enough. For now, let’s enjoy the pumpkins and apples for a bit longer. Here are the best Instagrams of the week from Wonderful Machine photographers, as well as Robby Klein‘s thoughts on the photo app that has taken over the world:

“Instagram, to me, is one more way of sharing my unique vision of my daily life to whoever wants to see it. Photography comes as a necessity and almost a compulsion daily–sometimes it happens in a studio with 20 lights and chaos everywhere and sometimes it is sitting on an airplane in silence. Instagram is an outlet for these images that is never more than an instant away (no pun intended). The negativity of Instagram and all social media comes when a false sense of accomplishment and success is created by likes and compliments that can make you stagnant in your growth as a photographer. Outside of that it can be a beautiful window into the unique viewpoints and perspectives of other creatives around the world.”

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robbysphotos wynnmyers shootoutloud
Robby Klein                                            Wynn Myers                                          Austin Walsh
gallagherphototroystains  nicholasiverson
Robert Gallagher                                        Troy Stains                                         Nicholas Iverson
gretarybus kfdphoto annabel_clark
Greta Rybus                                         Kimberly Davis                                       Annabel Clark

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