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Print Mailer: Covering The Best Parts

Tuesday August 20th, 2013

by Maria Luci

It’s August, which means it’s getting hot in here. So, in true summer fashion, we’re wearing a little less clothing here in the office. Shorts, flip flops, and t-shirts abound at Wonderful Machine throughout the dog days of summer, which inspired us to take a little extra off in our print mailer as well. To do so, we enlisted the help of Los Angeles-based photographer Karl J. Kaul, who was kind enough to provide us with this revealing photo of comedian Johnny Vegas for our August print mailer. We all agreed it was the perfect shot to illustrate that Wonderful Machine “covers the best parts” of the commercial photo world—plus, we knew it would catch a few surprised eyes as well. After getting the cards printed by Modern Postcard, we shipped them to 2990 creatives across North America to let them know we’ve got them covered.



After sending us the photo, Karl was kind enough to fill us in on the backstory:

This shot was for the comedy issue of the The Guardian Weekend Magazine in the UK.  The ideas were mostly theirs, but I had to research and get everything together. Originally, Johnny Vegas was not supposed to be in it, never mind doing this particular shot—and it was never meant for the cover but it was so good that it ended up there. Johnny was a great sport and as he walked in he asked for a pint of gin! He didn’t need the room cleared out for the shoot and didn’t mind having the beautiful makeup artist apply fake tanner all over him either.


If you’re a creative and didn’t get a copy of our postcard, email us your mailing address and we’ll send you one. If you’d like to check out all of our past print promos, see them here.

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  5. LoL. it clearly reminds that infamous Demi Moore photograph on Vanity Fair.

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