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Web Ads: Feature Shoot

Tuesday January 8th, 2013

by Mark Harris

For our December web ads, I decided to update our designs a little. The ads were to be posted on one of our favorite photography sites, Feature Shoot, and I  knew I wanted something a bit different from our past advertisements. I started with the phrase which originally was “need a photographer?” and changed it to, ” Photographers when you need them”—not much of a change, I know, but I didn’t want to ask a question that someone could simply answer “no”. I also thought this would be easier to keep a nice consistency with line and word spacing. I wouldn’t have to worry about an awkward word or letter like the previous design had done with the letter “a”. Next I decided to tackle the fonts. Our past font choices didn’t match Feature Shoot’s look and feel, and needed an update—something a bit more modern and fun to for the sites quirky and interesting posts but also complementary to the photos. When it came to tweening the animation, I decided to make everything show up line-by-line so that you’re forced to read along. Plus, I thought it would be eye catching to someone browsing the site. I think the change was successful and I look foreword to the next ad project.

Below are the four ads featured throughout the month of December on Feature shoot:

Eric Kiel / Boise

“This image is part of a series from the Connecticut shore I did last summer. I shot my producer’s six year old son and the swimming dock early one morning and then his grandfather sailing that afternoon.  The weather was tricky and overcast but the light was inspiring and Long Island Sound was calm. I worked with my retoucher to pump up the sky, and despite a few mishaps like fingers getting stuck in the dock ladder, and my camera getting soaked in salt water, the final images have gotten a wonderful response.”

Toby Scott / Australia

This photo is from a collection of still life shots featuring ceramic tags made by Paper Boat Press.

Dean Alexander / Baltimore

This shot was for a series in Washingtonian Bride & Groom Magazine. Editorial design and art direction were handled by Design Army.

Pete Lacker / Dallas

“This photograph was taken during an annual report shoot in southern California. The models are actually my client and the art director, who were just killing time, waiting for the fog to burn off. The image’s wide open feel was a perfect contrast to the busy housing construction shots we did later in the day.”

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