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Wednesday January 25th, 2012

By Peter Clark

For the month of January, we created a variety of ads for the Creative Review website. Using six intriguing shots by Wonderful Machine photographers we put together some eye catching ads sure to capture clicks (see ad one, ad two, and ad three). Each of the photographers featured was nice enough to share some behind-the-scenes info on their image. Enjoy!

Eli Maier / New York
This picture is from a series I created for my portfolio. I choose milk because I’d already worked with water, coffee, beer and other liquids and never had a chance to work with milk, in spite of liking it very much (as both a substance and a product). The idea was to shoot Milk in an unusual way, hopefully showing its naturalness, energy and lightness.

Bryan Regan / Raleigh
I was on family vacation at Tweetsie Railroad in Blowing Rock, NC. They had a Ferris wheel on top of the mountain that overlooked part of the amusement park, with a graveyard in the background. This was not your normal Ferris wheel, this was the fastest one I’ve ever been on! The lines were short that day, so the kids and I rode it about five times. I must of snapped 600 images as we went around until I got the people in the tilt-A-whirl in the shot as well.

Matthew Coughlin / Pensacola
This image is part of my on going personal series of “Odd Balls” I am creating. I named this character Billy Baller. The concept for the shot was some lanky/weird looking guy that you’d have a hard time taking seriously if he were to walk onto a basketball court—and to make him look larger than life. Part of the inspiration was the character Jim Carrey played in Cable Guy from the pick up basketball scene.

Jon-Paul Mountford / England
I’m a huge fan of commercial imagery (and influenced by it as well). In this particular picture I’m directly attempting to engage the viewer by way of something they can relate to. Most of all it has to be credible, believable and at the same time fantastic (but not fantasy). I shoot everything bespoke for every picture and most of the time I’m attempting to include a small narrative. In this case, I wanted to do something that felt like the end of a journey—a sort of destination reached picture.

Sam Faulkner / England
This was part of a behind the scenes assignment for Dolce & Gabbana, that I shot in Paris. My background is reportage, not fashion, so stepping into this super glamorous world is as different to me as shooting gangs in LA, guerrillas in Colombia or narcos in Mexico. In the last couple of years I have started shooting behind the scenes films for fashion clients as well.

Ciril Jazbec / England & Slovenia

This shot was taken during a personal photo shoot with dancer Aleksandra Mokic, who lives in New York. I’m always very inspired by passionate artists. Aleksandra is one of them, and I wanted to produce a series of photographs while she is practicing her performance in the woods. I scouted this location before and came back after sunset to get the best atmosphere. My assistant also held a reflector which filled her with more light.

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