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Tuesday April 12th, 2011

by Peter Clark

You probably already knew that the March-April issue of F8 Magazine recently came out. (If you didn’t, you can keep track on Twitter.) We featured an ad across from the table of contents that used the image of China-based photographer Sanjay Kothari. I asked Sanjay about the shoot and what went into making it so doggone good. (Sorry.)

The shoot was an adaptation from a shoot I had done for Archer Malmo, a full-service marketing firm in Tennessee. You can see what was 3D in the wireframe, basically everything except the puppy. Archer Malmo had a bug instead of the puppy and a hammer in the robot’s hand. It looks like a photograph, but making CG images is very different. In CG, I have to imagine the arm, and all its details and then be able to create it. Everything has to be designed and created from scratch. It requires very different skills from taking a picture. The image was used as a self promo. How did I come up with the idea? I like the idea of a robot that can feel.

You’ll also spot another familiar WM face in this issue, Cook Islands-based photographer Thomas Pickard and his Antarctica work.

The article titled “Polar Work,” is written by Thomas and explains his trials, tribulations, and successes doing photography in Antarctica, a journey he started at the age of 18. I’ll let him describe the style he eventually discovered:

Despite four seasons in Antarctica and two seasons in the Arctic, comprehending the enormity of the landscape is still something I find really difficult to convey to people. It’s one thing to stand on the edge of a frozen lake, look across to the other side and know that it is 10-kilometres from one side to the other. To show that vastness in a photo is really difficult. Visually I have tried to solve this problem by using people to give the image a sense of scale.

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