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Knock ‘em Out

Monday February 14th, 2011

by Peter Clark

It’s a new year, and new years come with new magazines. F8 Magazine, which released its first issue last fall (issue zero), has just published its latest issue on their website. If you didn’t already know, F8 is an online magazine that brings its readers into minds of professional photographers all over the world. They have also revamped their site a bit, adding a portfolios section that allows readers to catch a quick glimpse of the photographers featured in the actual magazine.

For this issue we featured an ad using Chicago-based photographer Brian Kuhlmann’s image of a beat up rugby player. I asked Brian to tell me what he was looking to capture with this shot:

I wanted to build up my portfolio of sports images and focus on drama and intensity. All sports require such qualities, but something about rugby stood out to me: it is not widely recognized or played in America, yet the teams that compete exhibit a passion and drive that equals and possibly even surpasses the “Big Three” in this country. A few members of the Chicago Lions RFC agreed to partake in the shoot, and blew me away with their tenacity. This portrait was taken during one of the brief quiet moments – most of the time was spent in scrums, rucks and mauls.

More images from this series and Brian’s other sports work can be viewed here.

In addition to the ad, you may remember that last fall we wrote about both Dallas-based photographer Matt Nager and Vietnam-based photographer Aaron Joel Santos, and their respective photo projects. In this latest issue, F8 picked up where we left off, featuring more of their work and some stories. Matt had spent time in Naples, Italy, along with his fiancee, documenting the region of Campania, and the illegal practice of toxic waste dumping in rural and inhabitable areas. Aaron’s series of images on the “ladyboys” of Thailand gives us an interesting look into the world of transgendered people in South East Asia.

So if you haven’t already, check out the latest issue of F8 Magazine and read up on these and other interesting photographers’ latest work.

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