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Saverio’s Guest Bloggin’ For Hasselblad

Tuesday May 11th, 2010

Hasselblad just chose Chicago photographer Saverio Truglia to test out their new H4D-40 camera, post the images and blog about it on their site for the month of May. Apparently the camera got delayed by the Icelandic ash cloud (“really, the Volcano ate my homework”), but he now has it and you can see what’s on his mind on their Chicago blog.

Now why should you care what Saverio has to think? If you ask, then you may not have seen his humorous conceptual work yet. Not to mention his thoughtful approach to his work and art, as described in a recent interview on the informative The FStop blog (it’s worth checking out the other photographers who they interview, as well).

A few of Saverio’s images that I’ve enjoyed recently:

Hope you enjoy what he has to shoot and say.

-Neil Binkley

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  1. Nancy says:

    cool shots! great blog!

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