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Photo Credit in An Ad?

Monday April 26th, 2010

I opened April’s Outside Magazine (Anderson Cooper’s on the cover) and saw The North Face’s latest outdoor adventure ad, and was impressed to see a credit for the photographer, Tim Kemple.

Since Tim is one of our Salt Lake City photographers, I asked if he knew how that came to be, as it’s you don’t often see photo credits outside of magazine assignments.

From Tim:

The Photo and Video director at TNF is a photographer (Brooks Grad from back in the day) and has always gone to bat for photographers and videographers. I think he is the main reason why photo credit is given. Also in the Action Sport market it is more common because it adds more credibility (no pun intended) to the validity of an image.

Kemple has shot several campaigns for The North Face (TNF), including these:

I asked him to elaborate on what he describes as a “40 hour travel marathon from the US to Patagonia” to shoot the ads:

The Summit Series Ads were from a North Face expedition to Patagonia, Argentina early in 2009. We based out of the town of Chalten and played the weather waiting game like most of the climbers do (Patagonia has notoriously rainy, windy weather)…

Patagonia sits on the edge of a big ice cap, so the weather blows off the southern Pacific across the ice cap and then hits the mountains…We waited about two weeks in Chalten for the weather to clear. You often hear stories of people going down for 2 months and never making it into the mountains…

Once we got a window, we did the 10 hour hike into basecamp, were we stayed for a week. I shot action images of the athletes establishing a new route and shot lifestyle images around basecamp when we weren’t on the wall…

And he’s also shot some of their running campaigns, for both print and video:

Pocket Wizard recently interviewed Tim, and he discusses more on his background (he was a pro climber before getting into photography) and technique on their website. They have some pretty cool behind the scenes shots there, as well:

-Neil Binkley

3 Responses to “Photo Credit in An Ad?”

  1. Josh Caple says:

    On a very speculative note, Tim is pretty well known in the climbing communities as both a climber and an ace photographer… one of ‘the’ guys to work with. Perhaps (as well as being tip top appreciative clients?) TNF can see some value in associating with the ‘brand’ that Kemple has established?

  2. Good thought, Josh. I’m glad to hear of Tim’s reputation within the climbing community.

    Although I’m always amazed at how few photographers the average (non-photo-industry) person can name. I’ve asked my wife to name five, and despite how much I thought we’ve discussed photography, it’s hard for her to do.

    It’s usually: “Oh sure! Ansel Adams, and uh, that woman who photographs babies in flower pots. And that dude who takes pictures of dogs with people’s hands.”

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