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Friday April 30th, 2010

I thought it was interesting to see how four of our photographers used motion to promote themselves, all using different approaches.

To start: San Francisco photographer Gabriela Hasbun has probably the perkiest display of tearsheets that I’ve run across. She’s lucky enough to be married to a filmmaker and motion designer, and they’ve just kicked off a new site/business which combines their talents: Gabriela’s tearsheet video is a little laborious to update compared with a regular tearsheets page on a website, but it’s certainly eye-catching:

Tony Garcia had a clever enough print mailer to begin with: his photographs on stiff cardboard, with moveable stickers that you can put on different body parts. Sort of like a 2D Mr. Potato Head. The Los Angeles photographer decided to animate what it was like to open and play with his mailer, too:

Elina Moriya, in England, took her photographs to a new level by animating them and creating the showreel below. She wanted me to know that the video is meant to promote her photography, and not her animating skills, though I think she’s done a nice job with both:

Lastly, Michael Krauss (out of Canada) is a photographer who also happens to be a really accomplished motion designer. So technically, he’s not promoting his photography in this video per se, but it’s rare that someone can be talented in both disciplines! Enjoy:

Have a nice weekend.

-Neil Binkley

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