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What’s A Cog? (you with the RSS feeds might want to click on this)

Friday March 12th, 2010

So you may have noticed in the last few hours that our blog looks a bit different, and I suppose we owe you an explanation.

We’ve just released our new “Cog,” which is really an enhanced version of our blog and a companion site to

Why? We’ve found that there’s a lot to share about Wonderful Machine and our photographers, but we wanted to keep our existing site “clean.” There are few sites quite like ours these days, in terms of the simplicity of viewing and finding photographers.

The Cog helps you find out even more about us. For example:

  • Look right to see the latest photographers we’ve added to our site, not to mention our most recent Twitter posts and Youtube videos all in one place.
  • If you’re an art buyer looking to use us at our fullest, then check out the How We Help Clients tab above.
  • If you’re a photographer looking for more info about us, or one of our current photographers needing a reminder of what we’ve done for you lately, then click on the How We Help Photographers tab.
  • If you’d like to see how good looking (and modest) our blog authors are, or find out just who it is that you’re talking to on the phone when you call in or email us, then click Our Staff.
  • And one of my favorite parts, personally: if you want to see our archive of past email and print promos, industry ads, blog posts, where we’re seen online and in print, check out our Archive. I enjoy looking through our past emailers because it’s a fun way to view our photographers’ work.

There’ll be new things to see on the Cog as we further develop the site. So, in addition to reading our blog posts, please do check back regularly and poke around the Cog. And if you have an idea for making the Cog more useful to you, please drop me a line:

-Neil Binkley

2 Responses to “What’s A Cog? (you with the RSS feeds might want to click on this)”

  1. Looks fantastic! Look forward to keeping up with it.

  2. Ollie says:

    Blog is looking good!


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