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Magazine Work Sometimes Does Beget Advertising Jobs:
PDN’s Behind The Lens Features Roy Ritchie’s Ford Mustang Photography

Thursday December 3rd, 2009


A year or so back, PDN contacted us looking for stories of photographers whose editorial work landed them advertising jobs. We had a few in mind, but the connection is not always so clear because art buyers may not always be aware of the first time they see a photographer’s work.

In the case of our Detroit photographer, Roy Ritchie, he was “discovered” by agency Team Detroit after their creatives saw his work in a local magazine  (Hour Detroit):


Ford Motors was looking for a looser interpretation of their typical automotive photography and Ritchie, whose work focuses more on portraits and lifestyle, appealed to their need to create a more emotional connection between driver and car.

That’s part of the reason why PDN featured Roy in their “Behind the Lens” column in November (p. 74, if you have the print edition handy):


Roy’s been shooting the campaign worldwide over the course of the year, and it’s funny that Team Detroit’s Whitney Jenkins is quoted in PDN as saying, “My biggest frustration through the whole program is I have too much to choose from.”

“He’s told me that a few times,” according to Wonderful Machine producer, Jess Dudley, “but in a good way.” Jess has handled much of the bidding process for Ritchie, as well as on-set producing in Arizona earlier this year.

Roy’s work appears on full-page inside cover print ads in leading magazines, as well as on Ford’s website devoted to the new Mustang, whose videos and images appeal to a hipper audience than you might imagine:


Ford even had a contest, inviting people to submit their idea for a dream drive in a Mustang, and the winners were offered a ride. And yes, Queen Latifah (above) is a lifetime Mustang fan. Roy Ritchie photographed her taking the car for a spin, and the website has videos as well.

You can see more of Roy’s editorial and commercial work on his website. He’s a Detroit photographer with Wonderful Machine.

-Neil Binkley

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