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Boats, B-Ball, and Bengals

Monday April 6th, 2009

Robert Holland / Miami
Lifestyle / Kids / Travel / Action & Adventure / Sports & Fitness

robert holland headshot
Comfortable shooting from helicopters, boats, and cars. Uses remote cameras, too. Now recording audio on still shoots. Recently worked in Bimini. Movie trivia: final scene of the Silence of the Lambs was shot there. Clients tell Robert he’s a “cloud freak”. He takes that as a compliment.

Jennifer Pottheiser / New York
Portraiture / Sports & Fitness / Celebrity

jennifer pottheiser headshot
Trains for marathons when she’s not shooting. Graduated from Duke. Makes sports celebrities feel at home. Recent NBA ad campaign was parodied by SNL, Sports Center, marketing for the Adam Sandler film Zohan, and the images even inspired a Time magazine cover.

James Quantz Jr / Charlotte
Animals / Conceptual / Landscape / Still Life

James Quantz Jr headshot
When James isn’t pursuing pelicans, photographing killer whales, or floating over New York,
he’s busy creating. Has a fine art background. Shoots everything from scratch (no stock).
Conceptual imagery evolved from shooting landscapes. Learned that elephants are pretty smelly.

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