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New York Diary: Anomaly, Cramer-Krasselt, BBDO

Tuesday July 22nd, 2014

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by Kelley King

Last week, Ann, Sean and I met bright and early for a busy day of meetings and portfolio events at agencies in New York City. After a bit of tunnel traffic and a few well-deserved coffees, we started our day at the Anomaly office in SOHO. The art buyers at Anomaly were already familiar with WM and enjoyed being able to page through our member portfolios in person.


Sean guards our portfolios in the Big Apple


Art buyers page through portfolios with Ann and Sean, center, at Anomaly.


Sean talks about our production services with Jordan Spielman at Anomaly.

The art buyers were happy to learn of our simple stock request page and spent some time discussing current projects with us. The senior art buyers were particularly impressed with Kyle Dreier’s leather-bound portfolio of food photography. You can view Kyle’s portfolio below:

Kyle Dreier

Next, we headed to the colorful offices of Cramer-Krasselt on Broadway. After a fun ride in a 100-year-old freight elevator with its operator, Jimmy, we met with art director Alain Baburam.


We enjoyed our ride with freight elevator operator Jimmy before meeting with Alain at Cramer-Krasselt. Jimmy has been working in the 100-year-old elevator for 28 years!


Left to right: Sean, Alain and Ann discussing Ashley Gieseking’s work.

Alain was looking for photographers to consider for current projects with a grocery store client and a popular beverage brand. He was specifically on a quest to find a food and still life photographer with a “darker” style for Cramer-Krasselt’s major alcoholic beverage client. Alain browsed thoroughly through the portfolios that we brought for him, really enjoying the food work from David Arky and Adriana Mullen.  You can take a look at David’s portfolio below:

David Arky

Last, but certainly not least, we headed to Midtown for a portfolio review at the BBDO office. Many of the art buyers at BBDO have used our site and were happy to hear about our production services and browse through the work of our wealth of photographers. A few people told me that they love being able to search by location for photographers, since BBDO has a variety of clients from around the world. Many of the “newbies” in the business were impressed with the quality of our members’ work, and happily grabbed some business cards for future reference.


Dozens of art buyers, illustrators and directors showed up to enjoy WM portfolios, beer and sushi during our portfolio review at BBDO’s NYC office.


From left, Katie Johnson, myself, Sarah Ryder and Ann chat about WM services.

The creatives at BBDO enjoyed a spread of craft beer and sushi during the afternoon portfolio event, and stocked up on leave behinds before heading out for the day. While all the portfolios were a hit, BBDO staffers were especially impressed with portfolios from Andy Reynolds, Austin Hargrave and Victor Wang. 

Austin Hargrave’s portfolio:

Austin Hargrave

As the day wound down, some of the art buyers took me to get an inside look at the not-so-secret bar in the office at BBDO. Central Filing, located behind a plain door on the 8th floor, was a magical room stacked with ancient filing cabinets and manned by bartender Joe, who has been serving up drinks to BBDO employees for 24 years.


I got to end the day with a visit to BBDO’s not-so-secret office bar.

After a couple of photo ops with the local celebrity/bartender, we packed up and braved the NYC rush hour to head back home. Our busy day in the city was well-worth-it: we met some great people and had an awesome time showing off our member photographers. Until next time, NYC!

Tears: Bryan Regan/ All About Beer

Tuesday July 22nd, 2014

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I Scream, You Scream

Monday July 21st, 2014

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by Liz Ream

What do get when you give Kimberly Davis fourteen days, 1,900 miles, four cities, eight ice cream parlors and lots of yummy treats?

One sweet photo series.

Kimberly was recently approached to photograph two Austin locations for AAA’s Texas Journey magazine, but eventually negotiated the entire story to include eight parlors all across Texas, utilizing friends and family to cut costs for the magazine:

A major plus to having families in other cities is being able to stay as a local which didn’t add an additional expense to the magazine. Because the mileages was going to be high, we negotiated a flat fee for expenses like that built in. The art director wanted the story to show people of all ages because ice cream really is for everyone, so I had to make sure I had some diversity at different locations. Most of the people I photographed were at the location and let me photograph them.

Screen Shot 2014-07-10 at 4.11.36 PM

At the locations, Kimberly simply approached people and asked if she could photograph them, and was pleasantly surprised that most people not only obliged, but were flattered and interested in the project. It made the series not just about ice cream, but about people too.

A prime example is the below photo, featuring Cole— “firefighter, rescue-diver, tall, manly guy “— and his son Graham eating bright blue ice cream at a kids table. As one would imagine, Kimberly said it was the most hilarious photo shoot ever (“thank goodness for strobes, I was cracking up the entire time!”)

Screen Shot 2014-07-10 at 4.11.51 PM

One of Kimberly’s favorite places was the Blue Bell Creamery in Brenham where she was able to go on the factory floor and eat ice cream right off the line.

Screen Shot 2014-07-10 at 4.12.01 PM

Oh, and there was a dog too! Just when we thought it couldn’t get better…

It was pretty funny photographing Oscar the dog eating ice cream too. We put a blue bell ice cream hat on him and he really enjoyed the ice cream…at first. I decided I wanted to do another round with the ice cream a little bit different so we went back outside and by that time he was so over the ice cream that we had to stick little pieces of hot dog in it so he would eat it!

Screen Shot 2014-07-10 at 4.12.26 PM

Screen Shot 2014-07-10 at 4.12.38 PM

AAA Magazines recently launched an iPad version of its magazine, so they were interested in incorporating video as well. After seeing Kimberly’s Ceviche video, they knew they wanted something similar, but with an ice cream sundae. Kimberly created a yummy Texas inspired sundae with grilled peaches, Blue Bell homemade vanilla ice cream, chocolate and caramel sauce, caramel corn and pecan brittle. Yum!

View the video below:

Looks good enough to eat! Video by Kimberly Davis.

Screen Shot 2014-07-10 at 4.12.56 PM

Screen Shot 2014-07-10 at 4.13.58 PM

At the end of the day, Kimberly’s favorite part of this journey was meeting people and walking away with not only these images, but with a personal connection. And a gym membership to boot!

For more of Kimberly’s work, check out her website.

Tears: Leah Perry/ Sweetpea & Fay Cosmetics

Monday July 21st, 2014

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SweetPea_060414_ 77f_launch

SweetPea_060414_ 155f_TEXT

Sunday Spotlight 7/20/14

Sunday July 20th, 2014

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